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Decided my old dreamwidth name was a bit too silly, so I went from cookiefairy to [personal profile] littletown! :D I used to own a domain name,, a long looong time ago. I still love the name so I'll be using it again. :3

Nothing much else to say! I think I'll redesign my journal too, but right now I'm focusing on a website I'm working on for my Sims 2 sub-neighborhood. It's a custom hood that I'm writing as an independent city-state under constitutional monarchy. Its been a load of fun writing for it. Who knew Sims 2 had so much story potential? XD
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typing this entry in my phone. please excuse any autocorrect fail.

well, I'm really bad at blogging. I told myself I'd journal more often about life so I have something to look back on years from now and go, "you done good, cookie. you done good." in reality, it's the same old thing everyday. I go to work, I clean the house, go to bed, wake up the next day to do it over again. not that I'm dissatisfied. I'm happily married, grateful to be making money however little, my family back home are well... it's just not much to talk about, you know?

work's been keeping me busy so my hobbies have taken the backseat. I do miss writing so, so much. I wish I could say I could work on it in my spare time. but there's always something to do at home. gotta cook, gotta clean, gotta do groceries. at the end of the day, I just wanna lie down and surf on my phone until I fall asleep.

I do hope I find the energy for my hobbies someday soon and just be a fun person again. I wouldn't trade this life for anything right now, but as they say, one should always improve.
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I have been employed for a week and a half and it's been awesome. :D It's just a retail job but you know what, I'm just grateful to be employed right now. Give me that money so I can buy shoes~

Now that I have a job, my Sims 2 marathon is officially over. XD I still play a bit on my days off but since those have been far and few in-between, I spend my time off sleeping in or catching up on my shows. I started watching Downton Abbey recently. I like it a lot. I'm on Series 2 now.

I also just heard that Yahoo has acquired Tumblr? Hmm I hope they don't plaster ads all over the place, but they probably will. :/
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Cellphone charms are all kinds of cute. I got these two babies for cheap on Amazon. That site will be the death of my bank account. @_@

My sister and I are kinda obsessed with phones, especially when we were younger. We were the type to put a million charms and stickers on our phones way before the smartphone came out. Not gonna lie, I really miss when phones looked different, when you can pick between a flip phone, a slider, or a just a bar phone if you wanted. Part of the fun for us was looking at all the different models and what features they had. I think phones nowadays are becoming more and more similar which isn't a bad thing. I just miss flip phones, man. This phone is really cute and I'm so tempted to get it!
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My Sim literally gets more tail than I do. 8'D

I got sucked into Sims 2 this past week and I haven't done anything productive ever since. @_@ That's the danger I always have to keep in check when I game. It's so easy for me to get addicted and let other aspects of my life go. For example, our place has been a complete mess and I've failed to cook dinner on time repeatedly. I've just cleaned up today and I'm planning on loading the laundry later.

Anyway~ my "trust fund baby" Sim (explains why she started out with so much money lol) has way more drama than I do. She got caught cheating on her first boyfriend while on a date with another guy. She then proceeded to date a third guy which led to her falling out with one of her BFFs, who is guy #2's sister. But since none of them want to marry her, she found someone else to settle down with and now they're building their dream house on the largest possible lot. 8D

I swear I didn't plan most of this. She's just a Pleasure Sim who has fleeting wants all the time.

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